30 Ball Bingo

As its name suggests, 30 ball bingo is a type of bingo where only 30 balls are used. This bingo game is very fast-paced and exciting because fewer balls are used. It’s over a lot more quickly than 75 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo, though it still provides a high-quality gaming experience. This is why it’s sometimes called ‘speed bingo’.

How To Play

Your card has three horizontal rows and three vertical columns, for a total of nine squares and, therefore, nine numbers to mark off. The first column contains numbers 1-10, the second 11-20 and the third 21-30.

The game then runs just like any other typical game of bingo. Numbers are decided by a random number generator and called out – depending on the bingo site you’re playing at, you can either mark off numbers yourself or have them marked off automatically. Many bingo sites let you choose which option suits you best. Many prefer to have the computer automatically mark their numbers off for them.

Something that sets 30 ball bingo apart from other types of bingo is that the only way to win is by getting a full house. In other words, to win you have to mark off all nine numbers on your card. Other types of bingo offer more chances of winning, though with 30 ball bingo, you get a quick and fast-paced game that’s a lot more thrilling than other types of bingo.

30 Ball Bingo

Smaller Jackpots

Note, not all bingo sites offer 30 ball bingo, as it isn’t yet as popular as other types of bingo. You might have to do a bit of searching around if you want to find this game. The jackpots you can win by playing 30 ball bingo tend to be smaller than jackpots you can win from other bingo games. If you want an exciting and fast bingo game, give 30 ball bingo a try today.