90 Ball Bingo

As there are so many types of bingo games available to play you may not realise that these games have their own historical pasts and all have been developed in to the game that we see today.

What is the history of 90 ball bingo?

Today class, we will be learning about the 90 ball bingo game, so settle down and I'll begin.

The 90 ball game is the most typical bingo game that is found in UK bingo venues and across the pond in New Zealand and Australia. This game used to be called Housey housey back in the day and the modern game hasn't strayed to far from this original game. Popularity of this game started during the II World war amongst service men and once bingo was legalised in 1961, the general public were enjoying bingo halls and 90 ball bingo games. Blue rinsed beauties would flock to bingo halls on a weekly basis to get their fix of the bingo game securing its future as a much loved social past time. The game now entices younger players and is now most popular with 25 to 35 year olds..great if you're looking for a bit of crumpet! Oh-er....


So how is the game played?

The 90 ball bingo card is laid out with 15 numbers from 1 to 90.

The first column always has the numbers from 1 to 9, the second will have all the teen's, the third all the 20's, the forth all the 30's, the fifth all the 40's, the sixth all the 50's...you see where this is going....the seventh all the 60's, the eighth all the 70's and the ninth from 80 to 90! Thank god that's over!

I find this to be a helpful layout as it helps you locate the numbers that are called quickly.

90 Ball Bingo Card Layout

These cards are normally sold as strips which can make up a book, which means that there are 6 rows of bingo cards per strip and this page of bingo cards will be played in one game of bingo. The book normally has 6 pages so that would be 6 games of bingo...I hope you are all following??!

What is the bingo jackpot in 90 ball bingo?

The strips or pages are normally different colours so that players know what game of bingo is being played and the Jackpot amount normally varies as to which colour game is being played, I always stayed to the last games as they seemed to have the bigger jackpots...but hey, I'm just greedy! Obviously the more bingo strips / pages you play, the more chance to have of winning. Most bingo venues will sell books as apposed to separate bingo cards.

How are the numbers chosen?

Numbers are selected at random by a number generator and called out one by one, Players first play for 1 line across, then for 2 lines across and then for a full house which is all 15 numbers on the bingo card. When players have bingo, a claim has to be made before the next number is called in order to be eligible for the jackpot.

If players are playing online, the process described above is usually automatic so players just need to sit back and relax, the system will also call bingo for you as well.