Being Lucky Playing Bingo

Can you really be lucky when playing bingo? If you consider at almost every bingo site across the country there is some avid bingo player who always seems to be a winner and has been labelled with the ‘lucky’ tag, then luck certainly seems to play a big part in the game of bingo. If your natural luck doesn’t seem to be working, you might want to try your hand at using some supposititious beliefs and ‘lucky’ objects, giving your luck playing online bingo a bit of a kick start.

Lucky numbers

If seven’s your lucky number, let’s hope it gets called out at tonight’s game. Likewise, let’s hope unlucky 13 remains on the side-lines! Some bingo players swear by lucky numbers and are so convinced they will win if they have certain numbers they will try anything to trade their numbers with other players!

Being Lucky Playing Bingo

Lucky charms

Lucky charms vary significantly and what might be considered lucky for one person or even a nation can be considered decidedly unlucky for someone else or a different culture. Your lucky mascot might be a teddy you’ve had since you were a child, a necklace you were given on your 18th birthday or even a handkerchief that you are convinced brings you luck. Whatever your lucky mascot is, remember to have it next to you while you play to bring you the streak of luck you’re after!

Lucky seats

Yes there are even such things as lucky seats when playing at a bingo hall! Some bingo players are convinced that if they don’t sit in their certain lucky seat, they won’t have a cat in hell’s chance of winning! Sitting next to the door might be one lady’s idea of being in for a chance of winning that elusive jackpot and if you’re sat in ‘her’ place, then expect to be asked to move, and quickly! Maybe when you play online bingo at home you have a lucky chair or sofa that you have to sit on to feel lucky- and why not!