Best Bingo Sites: How Do We Choose Them?

If you're looking for the best bingo sites, firstly, congratulations for choosing Best Offers Bingo. Our excellent bingo price comparison site is dedicated to bringing you the very best deals at the very best bingo sites.

How do we pick the best bingo sites?

But how do we cherry pick the juiciest and the most delicious sites for your delectation? Each site must meet a number of strict criteria before we even consider recommending it to you, and our dedicated  journalists, who are as fanatical about the game as you, leave no bingo ball unturned, or slot un-spun.

We are constantly checking out and reviewing new sites, plus we keep an eye on old favourites too. As a result, every single day, we update our site with the hottest news, so you're guaranteed to be at the very forefront of inside information, which will hopefully inch you ever closer to that big win.

First things first

The first thing we check out is the registration process. It needs to be quick, easy, and straightforward. Is the form a faff to fill in, or is it slicker and quicker than a greased bingo ball served by Serena Williams? We all like to pay and withdraw in a different way, whether it's with a credit card, debit card, or virtual wallets like PayPal, or MoneyBookers, so we investigate the methods on offer and report back accordingly.

Testing, testing

And then comes the fun bit – our testers have to play the games. We spend a fair bit of time in each room, analysing the bingo software, sussing out the the chat hosts, and participating in chat games. What about ticket prices? How big are the jackpots? Is the voice of the caller annoying? We rate the software, slot selection, casino games and scratchcards too – these vary greatly from site to site, and it usually depends on the software provider.

Competition time

Sometimes roomies play for the social aspect, other times we play to win money, and sometimes, we play to win glamorous prizes like holidays, cars, red letter days and superstar makeovers. This is why we always report on the promotions at a site – if they're enticing, relevant, and kept up-to-date, it's a fairly accurate barometer of a site's health, and how much the owners care about their roomies.

If the bingo promotions are as stale as a six-week old sweaty sock, you may want to consider playing elsewhere. I won't name any names, but I know a site that's had the same competition on its pages for almost two and a half years now – if management can't be bothered to keep the website up-to-date, what else can't they be bothered to do? Would they even pay you your dosh if you won? I say, it's best to avoid sites such as these – after all, you wouldn't buy out of date food from the supermarket, would you?

Safety, security, and jurisdictions

When you hand your financial details over to a third party, you need to know it's going into safe hands. Therefore, we check every site's security credentials – do they use the latest up-to-date methods to encrypt your details? Also, a site needs to be white listed, and located in an area (jurisdiction) licensed to provide gambling services such as the Isle of Man, Gibraltar and the UK. We also check whether the site takes measures to prevent underage gambling, and gambling addiction too.

Only when a site passes our rigourous testing would we dream of recommending it to you, which is why any site recommended by Best Offers Bingo is a pretty safe bet indeed.

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