Bingo Lingo

Bingo Lingo? The great thing about the game of online bingo is that it allows players to interact with one another, and the best thing is that players don't even have to leave the comfort of their own living rooms!

What is Bingo Lingo?

Regular players of the online game will be more than familiar with the online chat facility and the 'Chatiquette' that comes with it.

Well for those who you who aren't up to speed on your bingo lingo, we are here to help you and unravel some of the key phrases to keep you up to speed with the best of them.

Where would you use Bingo Lingo?

Bingo chat rooms often act as a meeting place for regular roomies to share their experiences of the games that they are playing and where firm friendships are often formed.

The problem to bingo newbies, and I must admit I did experience this myself when I first started playing...many moons ago, was when I logged on to the chat room I didn't have one iota of a clue as to what the heck everyone was talking about!

The bingo community has its very own language, which means that players can concentrate on there game and enables to them to make fast communications to other players and not waste time forming massive sentences!

Most of these chat abbreviations are normally players sending out messages of support to other players or keeping others updated on how their games are progressing.

So we have drafted the following list to try and help you make some sense of all the abbreviations you are likely to see in bingo chat rooms across the world!

Here we go...

  • 1TG -This is a nice easy one, this means 1 number left to go.
  • 2TG -If you can't work this one out from the first one then we have got problems! This means 2 numbers left to go for Bingo. In fact any number written with TG after it normally means that is how many number are left before bingo can be called.
  • LOL -You may have come across this abbreviation in text talk, this means Laugh Out Loud. This is a shorter way of saying you find something terribly hilarious!
  • LMAO -This is a slightly ruder way of saying you find something funny and is particularly popular with the youth of today! This means Laughing my A*s off.
  • ROFL -I personally think this ones a bit silly as I have never rolled around on the floor laughing but each to there own! This means Rolling on the floor laughing.
  • GL -This one means Good Luck...aww lovely! Always good to be nice to your fellow roomies.
  • GLA -This is just a slight variation to the one above, this means Good Luck All.
  • WD -Meaning Well Done. Obviously all bingo players are gracious in defeat; this is how you can congratulate your fellow players.
  • WDW -Well Done Winner!
  • L8R -This basically just means the word Later. For example see you L8R
  • WTG - Way to Go! An American way of saying "well done" or "good work"
  • TY -Thank You....manners cost nothing!
  • YW -Your welcome...I have never used this one myself, but I have seen it used a few times so you might not see this one too often.

Other Bingo Lingo phrases?

There are so many different types of abbreviations out there we couldn't possibly list them all but the suggestions above should help on your way.

So I'll be off now as I am too busy LMAO and ROFL but I'll catch up with you L8R and WD you have all been great and GL in the chatroom...oh and no need to thank me..YW!