Bingo Networks: What Are They?

Bingo networks is a term used in almost every bingo advertisement created today. However, not everyone understands exactly what that means - you certainly wouldn’t be alone if you usually discard this term without a second thought. The question is does it actually have any importance to a player and what exactly are they?

Understanding bingo networks

When you play on a bingo site, the company providing the game usually has more than one different site. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for a bingo provider to have up to 5-10 other bingo sites on the go too. They may look different, but they are still part of the same company. These different sites are referred to as bingo networks as they each link back to the same controlling company.

How to tell which sites belong to the same network?

It isn’t actually that difficult to spot a bingo network because the promotions and offers tend to be exactly the same, or just slightly different. They will also provide players with the exact same welcome bonus amount. So why do they do this? Why wouldn’t they want to appear as a separate company on each bingo site they operate?

The main reason why these companies don’t offer just one large bingo site is because of marketing. Having 5-10 different sites increases the brand name. They are guaranteed to get more players signed up to them if they have a variety of different websites. It also spreads the jackpots out a little more and gives players an increased chance of winning.

Think about supermarket chains for example. They have a number of different chains, often operating in the same cities and towns. It increases the chances of the supermarket gaining more customers who may have otherwise gone to the competition. The same applies for bingo sites. If they market each site perfectly, they are likely to gain a lot of players who would otherwise have joined up to competitor sites.

What are the negatives?

The main problem with bingo networks is the money in the promotions is actually split between all of the sites. This isn’t something that many players are familiar with, as they assume that the jackpot for each game is only available to them and the players on that particular site. Obviously, if it needs to be split over several sites, the actual amount you win will be lower than you think. This is why it’s so important for players to do their research before they sign up with a company.

While there are some disadvantages to playing on these networks, without them the jackpot wouldn’t be so high. Even when it is split between bingo sites, you still have the chance to win more than if you were to play on a standalone site. It’s also worth noting that not all companies run a network. If you’d prefer to play on a standalone site then you just need to research and avoid advertisements which mention bingo networks.