Bingo Progressive Jackpots


Bingo progressive jackpots give you the chance to win potentially a lot of money. When you think of a progressive jackpot you usually picture slot games. Casino’s frequently run progressive slot tournaments, but it isn’t something that’s often associated with bingo. So just how do these work?

Understanding bingo progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpot bingo games aren’t very common, but if you search hard enough you will find some online. They give players the chance to win quite large sums of money and they also add an additional level of excitement to the game.

Today, bingo is one of the most popular types of casino games available. It’s been running for years and you can’t go anywhere without seeing constant advertisements for online bingo. Casinos have spent a lot of time thinking about how they can improve a player’s experience of the game and bingo progressive jackpots was what they came up with.

The jackpot in these types of games is created in accordance to the wagers that each player makes. Every single bet that is placed upon the game will increase the overall jackpot. Therefore the more players there are and the more money that’s wagered, the higher the jackpot will become. The jackpot will continue to rise until it is won.

After the jackpot has been claimed, it will reset to a default amount. It then continues to rise until another player wins the jackpot. There are no set time limits on when the jackpot can be won either. Some people think that if it has only just paid out, it will be some time before the jackpot can be won again, but this simply isn’t true. It can be won whenever a player meets the winning criteria; whether it was paid out last month or that same morning!

How players influence the game

As mentioned earlier, bingo progressive jackpots will rise depending upon how many players there are and how much they bet on each game. Therefore the more players there are, the higher the jackpot will become. However, the more players that do join the game, the lower your odds of winning become. Progressive jackpot games tend to draw in quite a large crowd. The potential to win large sums of money is too much of a temptation, despite the lowered odds of winning.

Things to keep in mind

It’s worth noting that the cost of playing progressive jackpot games will be higher than standard bingo games. However, the large jackpots do make up for the additional cost. There’s absolutely no set limit on how high the jackpot can go.

The main difference between bingo progressive jackpots and slots progressive jackpots is that they are easier to win. Slots progressive tournaments can roll over frequently, but the same doesn’t apply for bingo games. It’s worth comparing different sites that offer these types of bingo games to see which offer you the best chances of winning. Always read the terms and conditions; ensure you fully understand the rules; and remember, each casino is different so you need to be sure you’re playing on one that you can trust.