Bingo Site Reviews: How Do We Do Them?

Bingo site reviews are carried out by many bingo comparison sites, but you won't find comprehensive, impartial reviews like ours anywhere else. Almost anybody can review products nowadays, and it's exceptionally helpful indeed. Thanks to review sections on websites like Amazon and eBay, we can all chime in and rate the quality of services and goods.  But is it the same with free new bingo sites?

The answer is both yes and no: yes because members of the public can write their own reviews (usually only a few short paragraphs) and no, because we employ a team of dedicated bingo journalists to write long, in-depth reviews, analysing every aspect of the site, from depositing methods, to chat games, to security and safety. You won't find this kind of comprehensive advice on Ebay, that's for sure.

Player reviews

This mix of professional and public reviews works together to provide our lovely readers with insightful, helpful, and potentially profitable information – you will find our non-biased analyses objective, truthful, cutting, acerbic and occasionally hilarious. After all, there are some amazing sites out there, and there are some truly dreadful ones too.

Bingo site reviews should be impartial

We do not hold back if we like one, or indeed if we hate one. Overall, we hope that our remarks help steer you away from the rubbish sites directly to the good ones, and also that our reviews give lazy, careless operators a wake-up call to improve their standards.

But how do we create our reviews? What do we look for when we are checking out the credentials of the site? There is a comprehensive list of features that our journos must investigate – they leave no slot unspun, or bingo ball unturned.

Our reviews are generally broken down into the following sections, although they do differ here and there depending on which of our journalists has investigated the site:


The first section of each review contains general information about the site. Who owns it, is it secure, what games can you expect to play? This is your at-a-glance paragraph giving you the most important bullet points – if you must read one section, make it this one.


The amount of games offered by sites is exceptionally diverse. Some only offer 90 ball, 75 ball, and slots, whereas others offer 80 ball, 30 ball, and even 50 ball and 60 ball. How much are ticket prices? How big are those jackpots? Any player worth their salt will have a spin on the slots and casino games too – after all, it increases your odds of winning somewhat. So, the reviewers check out the quality of the side games – which is one of the best parts of the job, it must be said. After all, we get paid to play slot games – joy!


You don't have to be a geek to be interested in software – it's the powerhouse behind every  site, so it's important you find a provider you like. The software is responsible for your overall playing experience, so if it has poor quality graphics, fiddly controls, and annoying sound effects, you need to know. If you want to learn more about software, you can check out our reviews elsewhere at Best Offers Bingo.


If you're going to spend a lot of time and money at a site, you need to know whether they roll out the red carpet for you or not. Some VIP systems treat you like royalty, with bonus codes, monthly prizes, and even birthday and Christmas presents. If you're the kind of player who is loyal to one particular site, then the VIP scheme will be of utmost importance. Get the lowdown here first.


Some of us are nervous about handing over our details online, and it's understandable, with so much fraud nowadays. This is why we ensure the sites we recommend are perfectly safe and secure, and also that they offer multiple payment methods for your convenience.


There is only a handful of countries or jurisdictions in the world that are licensed to provide gambling services to the United Kingdom, including Alderney in the Channel Islands, Malta and Gibraltar. Sites registered at these special whitelisted locations are the only ones we would consider recommending, due to the strict regulatory procedures enforced by the various commissions. Our reviewers ensure that each site is licensed in a permitted location before recommending it to you.


Now this next bit is getting rather technical, but it's fascinating nonetheless. Have you ever wondered who is responsible for the numbers that are called in a bingo game? Is there a man with a machine and ping-pong balls? Not any more in this digital age. It's actually something called a Random Number Generator, which is very complicated mathematical algorithm that guarantees a totally random result. These systems should be independently audited and tested by an external agent, and our team knows precisely how to find out this information.


This is usually the best bit. The reviewers investigate the bonus system, competitions, giveaways, and prizes. These can make or break our opinions of a site – to impress us, they've got to be flashy, relevant, generous, and up-to-date. If a site is able to get our reporters excited, then they will pass this contagious adrenaline on to you. And let's put it like this – our journalists review dozens of site each week, and are jaded to say the least. So, if you read a positive, happy enthusiastic review from one of our team, you can be certain that their recommendation will serve you well. Trust our reviewers, and hopefully, you'll be go on to reap the rewards. They really do know what they're talking about.