Bingo Voucher Codes: What Are They?

Bingo bonus codes, well we all know there may be a chance of a freebie involved but...what exactly are they?

Money saving? Yes please

Ahhh, this is the life, I thought, as a dusky hunk peeled me a grape, popped it in my mouth, and proceeded with my pedicure. This was me last week, getting the works at a luxury spa, in a far-flung country pile. Not that I live like this every day – usually, it's kids, the school run, a little bit of online bingo, and an endless mountain of washing.

And best of all, this decadent jaunt was costing me very little indeed, all because I signed up to a well-known voucher scheme.

Bingo voucher codes- did you know they are available?

Voucher schemes and voucher codes can be used for many things, but did you know, you can find plenty when you play bingo? Bingo voucher codes are offered as an incentive to new players to register, or to give regular players more value for their money.

Just like shopping voucher codes

Bingo voucher codes are very similar to shopping voucher codes – you have to use a specific one to get a specific special offer. And best of all, they can give you an extra cash boost when you make your deposits, which means you can buy more cards, and increase your chances of winning. Now that's a win, win, WIN situation, if ever I heard one. But, where can you find such wonderful and mystical bonus codes? Well – good news, roomies – if you know where to look, you can make bonus codes a regular part of your gaming activities – perfect if you're a cash savvy player who likes to get max value out of your deposits.

Find a good voucher code at Best Offers Bingo

Now up until recently, whenever I registered at a new site, I just used to sign up, and go straight through into the main game action and chat. I spent very little time looking around the rest of the site. D'oh! But, if you look carefully, you will inevitably see a PROMOTIONS or OFFERS button somewhere on the Best Offers Bingo homepage. Click this, and you will reveal a world of competitions, tournaments, and occasionally, bonus codes. Always make a note of these bonus codes, or favourite the webpage, because they can lead the way to big wins at a bargain price.

Where do you put the bingo voucher code?

Usually, you type the bingo voucher code in when you deposit, and it's automatically registered. However, if you forget to type it in, you could miss out on a large amount of cash, so always doublecheck your information source, and be certain you enter it correctly.

Which bingo sites offer voucher codes?

One of the most enticing bonus codes comes from a site called Polo Bingo. They have an extraordinary welcome bonus, which you can claim over the course of your first five deposits. On your first deposit, you can claim 300% up to £200 free, with no need to use the promotional code. However, over your next four deposits, make sure you enter the code GOLD, to claim up to £200 free on each. You will be prompted to do this each time you fund your account. As you can see, if you forget the codes, you'll miss out drastically.

Some sites, like Ladbroke's Bingo, offer new voucher codes on a regular basis. Occasionally, you need to complete a challenge to reveal a specific bonus code, or it will be given before you start playing a certain slot game, such as Dynamite Digger. Type in the correct code, to get a £5 free play bonus.

Don't forget to enter the code or you'll lose the bonus offer

It can seem unfair that you miss out on a cash bonus, simply for forgetting to enter a bonus code, but each network and bingo operator has their own terms and conditions. To get the most out of any site,

it pays to read the promotional information provided, to sign up to email updates, and to ask Live Help about the latest deals.

Happy bonus code hunting, because in this case, proactively hunting those bonus codes is exactly what you have to do.

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