Bingo V's Lottery

It is not uncommon that if you’re a fan of playing bingo, you’re a fan of playing the lottery and the other way round, primarily because both games involve using numbers to make bets.

What is the connection between lotteries and bingo?

Both games involve players selecting numbers, waiting for numbers to be called, and then seeing if their numbers have come up. The principle difference between the two games is that in a game of bingo the numbers keep getting drawn until there is an eventual winner. In the lottery, a specific set of numbers are drawn and if nobody matches those numbers there is no winner and the prize money typically gets rolled over to the next game.

The greater the volume of players there is in a bingo game, the more the game will be like a lottery due to the fact that the greater the number of cards there is, the chances of winning each card becomes increasingly slimmer. However, with a slimmer chance of winning, the prize money is typically increased, making winning the game of bingo more lucrative and rewarding.

A bingo game that comprises of hordes of players in the realms of tens of thousands will have a distinct feel of a lottery, due to the chances of winning being slim but if you were to be the lucky winner, you’d probably win a life-altering amount of money. As the popularity of these types of bingo games testifies, players love the thrill of playing lottery-style games.

In fact such is the popularity of these types of bingo games that it is not uncommon for some online bingo organisations to be tapping into the market and offering, as a side-line to their normal games, ‘lottery bingo betting.’