Free Spins Guide

Free spins are a common feature of online casinos around the world, designed to entice players to sign up and start playing. Whilst they may appear to be an appealing enticement it is important that players are aware that free spins might not be quite as they appear to be.

What are free spins?

Broadly speaking, free spins are when a casino gives players the opportunity to makes spins on slot reels without having to pay. Typically such free spins are given when a player signs up to a site or when they make their first deposit into an online casino account.

Hidden requirements

Online casinos are, naturally, out to make money and consequently they have some pretty rigid stipulations attached to their free spin features, particularly when it comes to cashing out any money won on a free spin.

Known in the world of casinos as wagering requirements, these hidden rules mean players typically have to put a lot more in before they can cash out. For instance, if a free spin had a value of £10 attached to it and a wagering requirement of 20x, a player would have to put more than £2,000 on the game via bonus winnings in order to be able to be awarded with the cash winnings.

Time caps and game locks may also be attached to the hidden requirements of free spins.

Free spins can have multiple uses, such as being used as a way for players to sample and practice a particular game, which can be especially useful for players who are new to the world of online slots or if you are playing a new slots game for the first time.

The best way to tackle free spins is to always read the small print on the site and to take the time to find the right free spin bonus for you.