How Are Bingo Sites Regulated?

You’ve probably seen the odd bingo article about the closure of a bingo site, or seen warnings about blacklisted sites. But how are bingo sites regulated and who does the job?


Who regulates bingo sites?

You might already know that online bingo sites are run using random number generators (RNG), this is supposed to ensure fairness when the balls are called but who makes sure this is happening? How do we know the winners are real players and not pretend players put there by the site so they don’t have to pay out?

Well, first and foremost a bingo site needs a gambling license. This allows a bingo site to offer gambling services for real money and means the site and technology used to power the site, has been given the ok.shutterstock_146696237


Bingo Licenses

There are four main providers of bingo licenses in Europe, these are; Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, the Gibraltar Licensing Authority, the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. All of these are overseen by the UK Gambling Commission, which makes sure they are law abiding and legally correct. If a bingo site states it has a licence form any of the above, you can check to see if this is true.


Independent Auditors

In the interest of safety and fairness, independent auditors periodically test the RNGs (random number generator). They check to make sure nothing is being rigged by the site operators. Bingo sites will also offer technical data on their pay-out percentages on request; some even publish this on site.

Bingo Watchdogs

Watchdogs play an integral part in regulating bingo sites. They investigate claims of fishy goings on, illegal activity ad unpaid winnings. They decide whether the site has done anything wrong and if they have, they place the bingo site on a blacklist.

Check the site’s review

Bingo reviews are the perfect way to find out all the goss about a bingo site before you try it. Bingo reviews can be found on online comparison sites such as this and are either provided by the site or from players themselves. This gives you a good idea of what to expect and also to hear other player’s experiences of the site.

Financial Regulation

Financial transactions are regulated but this isn’t always the responsibility of the bingo site and instead, the banking or payment method company will take care of this.

In a nutshell, you can usually find out if your site is safe, secure and trustworthy by checking if it has a licence and don’t forget to read site reviews too for the low down from experts in the industry and players themselves.