How Do You Calculate Bingo Odds?

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world, but how an earth do you calculate bingo odds?  It’s a game that comes with fixed odds and every single player has the exact same chance of winning. Like the lottery, it’s these odds that attract so many players.

However, each bingo game is different - they all have differing numbers of players and there are also different versions of bingo available online. There are a few simple tips you can use to calculate the odds in each bingo game.

Number of cards

We’ve already established that every single card has an equal chance of winning, so what you need to look at when calculating your odds is how many cards there is available in each game.

If there are 100 cards and you have one of them, your odds of winning are one in 100.

To increase these odds you can buy additional cards - the more cards you buy, the more likely you are to win. If you increased your number of cards from one to 10, your chances would increase to one in 10 as you’ll hold 10% of the amount of cards available in the game.

Number of players

On this basis, games which have fewer players are the ones that give you the better odds. The more cards you can buy, the higher your chances of winning will be. .

However, it’s worth noting that many bingo sites have a maximum amount you can buy. This helps to keep it fair for other players. They obviously don’t want to lose players so they have to ensure everyone gets a somewhat fair chance of winning.

After all, if you could buy up all of the cards in the game, there wouldn’t be any fun in that and nobody else would be able to play.

If there are a maximum of 10 players allowed in the game and you all buy 10 bingo tickets, it will give you all an equal chance of winning. This is otherwise referred to as equal to ‘the field’. If all the other players buy 10 cards and you buy less than that, you’re odds will be referred to as ‘less than the field’. Similarly, if you buy 10 and the others buy less, your odds will be ‘more than the field’.

These are the basics when it comes to calculating the odds in bingo games. You should always keep in mind the amount of players, how many tickets are available and whether there’s a guaranteed jackpot at stake.

Guaranteed jackpots

Guaranteed jackpots usually attract more players and come with a higher financial reward than other bingo games. It may be possible to win £1,000 on a £1 ticket.

However, the odds of winning if there are around 500 other players will decrease dramatically. In guaranteed jackpot games it’s definitely worth investing in as many tickets as you can!

Bingo is a fun, addictive game that typically has great odds of winning. The equal winning chances draw in millions of players online. Calculating your odds is simple and can help to increase your chances of winning.