How To Play Bingo Slot Games

If you've ever been to a real bingo hall, you'll know just how busy the bingo slot games get during a break. Players flock like ants round ice cream to see if they can align those reels and make those machines release their magical payload. And if you've ever been to Vegas, you'll know just how popular those slots are – there's something so mesmerising about watching those reels spin round and round and round, knowing that one lucky spin could make you fantastically rich.

So, if you've ever wondered how to play bingo slot games, then keep reading and discover how my advice could inch you ever-closer to a dizzying win.

Choose your slot game

This can be more difficult than it sounds – there are literally thousands of different slot games, from a vast variety of software providers. Each bingo site has its own provider, or set of providers, which means you can get bewildered looking for your favourite type of game. Choose something that suits your personality and interests – if you're a girly girl, with a bed full of teddies, then possibly check out Fluffy Favourites, which can be found at bingo sites such as Posh Bingo. If you're a film buff, and you like something a little more gritty and masculine, then how about one of the superb Marvel comics superhero slots such as Iron Man?

Launch the game

Usually, your bingo software will give you two different options – you can either launch a mini version of the game so you can still see your bingo playing, or you can go full screen.

Read the instructions

We're all guilty of going gung ho without reading the instructions, whether it's for an iPhone, a new printer, or a slot game. But if you start playing a slot game without learning the icons or bonus levels, you can lose a serious amount of cash.

Play in fun mode first

All games have a demo mode, and I implore you to play this as much as you can, before you make the all-important first deposit.

Choose your coin size

Then figure out how much cash you have to spend. Use the toggle switches to program the amount of coins you wish to wager.

Line time

Now comes the confusing bit, at least to a beginner anyway: choose how many lines you want to bet on. Some basic games have just one line – think a pub fruit machine, where the winning symbols align across the middle of the window. Some games have 50 or even more winning lines – these will usually be illuminated in brightly coloured graphics to show you potential winning combinations.

Hit spin

Watch those wheels turn, and keep your fingers crossed that you're a winner. And if not, play for a sensible amount of time, and never try to recoup back your losses, because that's the slippery slope into gambling addiction. If played sparingly, slots can be a fun way to increase your odds of winning – but make sure you do your homework first.