How To Play Online Bingo

There are 3 main types of online bingo games you need to know about before you venture into the world of online bingo. There is 90 ball bingo the traditional kind, 75 ball bingo, the American version of our favourite game and 80 ball bingo, a hybrid of 75 and 90 ball bingo designed specifically for online bingo. All bingo games work in the same way, with a RNG (random number generator) drawing numbers at random form a pot.

Find a Bingo Site you like

This probably seems quite obvious but you need to find a bingo site you like, this is no easy task! Looks can be deceiving and what might appear to be the best bingo site on the web might have a poor selection of games or ridiculous wagering requirements. It’s always best to check out bingo site reviews on sites such as this! Some sites will lure you in with a free bingo no deposit bonus and as a new member this can be a good way to test a site without risking your own money. It also gives you the chance to walk away not a penny poorer if you don’t like the site.

Make sure you have a nosey

Don’t EVER sign up to a bingo site without having a nosey around first. Check out the bingo lobby to see what games are on offer and ticket prices, how many players are in the room and jackpots. It’s worth looking at the small print too; there can be some pretty unrealistic wagering requirements out there, making it hard to access your winnings.

Which bingo room?

Bingo players are a funny bunch, some like the big jackpot rooms with the biggest prizes, knowing full well there’s less chance of winning, whilst others are happy to play for smaller prizes they know they have a greater chance of winning. Rumour has it, if you play at unsociable hours like 2am in the morning; you’re more likely to win. Great news for you night owls!

90 ball bingo is the most common of all the bingo games so you’d do well to try this first.


Unless you got a free no deposit bonus you will probably need to make a deposit at this stage to play. Look out for a tab marked ‘Banking’ or ‘Cashier’. Here you will be able to fund your account using any of the deposit methods displayed, usually all major credit and debit cards are accepted but there’s often ewallets and other deposit methods available too. If there’s a welcome bonus for first deposits you will receive this on your first deposit. So let’s say there’s a 100% welcome bonus and you deposit £10, you will get another £10 completely free.

chat icon

Fancy a chat?

You may notice chat rooms attached to most online bingo rooms. Here you will get to mix with your fellow roomies and get acquainted with the bright and bubbly Chat Hosts. You need to know your bingo lingo though or it’ll be like the others in the room are speaking another language. Most sites will have a breakdown of what these strange abbreviations mean and if they don’t the Chat Hosts will help you decipher the conversation.

Bingo cards

How many cards should you buy? Does it matter? You’ll often find penny tickets or BOGOF offers on tickets and obviously the more you have the more chance you have of winning. Check the price before you go buying in bulk and if you hear a clock ticking it means ticket sales are about to close so get a wiggle on and get buying.

Are you ready?

You’ve chosen your games, room and tickets s there’s only one thing left to do…PLAY! The numbers are called out loud but if you find this annoying you can usually mute the caller and just follow the balls on screen. The computer even marks your cards for you so you don’t have to so you can just sit back and watch your balls come in! Some sites let you mark your cards yourself if you prefer, we know some of you are a very hands on bunch.

bingo full house

Did you win?

The first prize is for one line, just mark off one line on the card in any direction and you’re a winner. Next up is a two line prize when you cover two lines and then there’s the FULL HOUSE. Cover all 3 lines to win this prize, which is bigger than the rest. Bingo winnings hit your account straight away so then it’s just a case of whether you want to play again.