Scratchcards are very popular worldwide as the provide a quick gambling fix, no doubt you've probably had a flutter with one or two at some point. Now you're able to play scratchcards online, but how do they compare with their land-based relatives?




What's the difference?

Online scratchcards aren't as popular as the land-based version, and you'll find them at most online bingo and slot sites. they are played exactly like they would be in real life. Once you've registered and deposited, you can head to the scratchcard section. Pick a card you wish to play from the lit, decide your stake and relieve that scratchcard itch! The amount you stake, determines the amount you can win, i.e - the jackpot!

You can click each window on the card to scratch off manually, or click the 'reveal all' or 'scratch all' button for it to do it automatically. The latter does take the fun out of it in my opinion.

Be careful though, as this is a quick and easy way to eat through your cash!

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