Slot Bonuses Explained

Slot bonuses can vary significantly, with some being considerably more exciting and lucrative than others. It is also important to note that slot bonuses are often fairly specific to certain games. If you are unsure about what the different slot bonuses and features are then take a look at the following explanations of some of the most common types of slot bonuses.

Scatter Symbols

Scatters are a common feature of slot bonuses and basically come in three different types – the Multiplier Scatter, the Traditional Scatter and Scatters to trigger certain bonuses.

The Multiplier Scatter involves scatters appearing on the screen that will multiply a player’s original payout. The Traditional Scatter involves players enjoying a pay-out regardless of where the symbol appears on the reels. The trigger bonus scatter involves players which have three or even more scatter symbols appearing on the screen being rewarded with a bonus, such as a free spin or a free game.


The wild symbol has been described as being the joker of the world of slots. Put simply, both wild symbols and special wilds can be used to substitute or replace other symbols on a reel in order to increase a player’s chance of getting a winning combination and enjoying a payout.

There are numerous types of wilds, including random wilds, expanded wilds and ‘more than one symbol is wild.’

Bonuses on mobile slot games

There is a growing number of exciting mini bonus games emerging within slots machines that are suitable to play on mobile devices. Compared to conventional ‘base games’, these mini slot bonus games have a tendency to pay out more often. These types of bonuses are typically paid out when the right combination of symbols is matched on the screen.

It is fairly common for the mini bonus slots games to navigate away from the principle game onto a new screen.