Slot Multipliers

Slot multipliers are basically symbols that frequently appear on slots games online. The aim of these types of symbols is to increase and multiply the amount of winnings a player can take away. Slots multipliers therefore brings additional excitement to a game of online slots, thus making it more attractive to existing and potential players.

What are the functions of slot multipliers?

The roles of a multiplier symbol differ between the different developers of slot games and the various slot games. It is common for slots games on the internet to provide multiplier symbols whilst others may apply to wins generated in base games. It is also not usual for multiplier slots winnings to be acquired when players are playing with a free spin or in a bonus game. In some instances, slots multiplier symbols can exist in both base games and within a game’s bonus features.

Slots multipliers in base play games

Commonly referred to as ‘base play multipliers’, these types of symbols usually apply to players’ total stakes of line bets. These types of symbols effectively multiply a winning figure when a combination of winning symbols appear on the reel.

Scatter and wild slots multipliers

In certain instances in a game of online slots a scatter or wild symbol will function as a multiplier. Scatter and wild multipliers are sought-after for the player as they can help complete combinations of winning symbols. Furthermore, these types of multipliers can bring additional value to a winning combination, should it appear on a reel.

Bonus multipliers

Bonus multipliers, also known as free spin multipliers, are, as their name suggests, win multipliers which feature in a bonus game or on a free spin during a game. These types of multipliers typically increase the value of the win on a specific bonus or in the whole of the bonus winnings that have been collectively acquired.