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Speed Bingo

You may be wondering what Speed Bingo is. The game does pretty much what is says on the tin, it's a bingo game played with 30 balls and is played very speedily. How simple is that!

As this game is only played with 30 bingo balls, the game tends to run at a much faster pace than its bingo counterparts, the 90 ball and the 75 ball games. The 30 ball bingo game is often referred to as Speed Bingo and regular players to online bingo will often see it advertised as such.

The 30 ball game card is small but perfectly formed with 3 rows by 3 columns and numbers ranging from 1 to 30.

A typical 30 ball bingo card:

Speed Bingo Card

The bingo card has its numbers laid out in the same format as other bingo games such as the 90 ball game and the 75 ball game. The first column features numbers 1 to 10, the second column features numbers from 11 to 20 and the last column features numbers 21 to 30.

So how is Speed Bingo played?

The game is played in exactly the same way as normal bingo. A random number generator (RNG) calls out the generated numbers. Players must then cross off the numbers from their bingo cards.

This game does not require any patterns to be matched, players just need to focus on achieving a full house, which is all 9 numbers off of the bingo card. This can mean that games are always the same and can be quite repetitive although these games are played quickly and this does reduce players from becoming tired of the game.

Faster game play means faster jackpots which in turn, mean that players can play more games than they would normally be able to play with the 90 ball or 75 ball games.

If you like fast thrills then the 30 ball speed bingo game is the one for you!