Spin The Wheel Bingo Sites

Bingo sites offer plenty of promotions to keep new and existing customers happy. There is a lot of competition out there so the bonuses offered have to really stand out. One offer that tends to be pretty popular is spin the wheel. Giving players a free shot at winning bonuses, it’s quite an exciting promotion to take part in.

How it works

When you find a site that offers a spin the wheel promotion, you simply click on it, sit back and wait to see what you’ve won. There is a selection of bonuses on offer and the fact you don’t know which one you’ll end up with is what makes this promotion so great. It’s like a version of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and it’s pretty exciting.

There are numerous sections on the wheel and each is marked with a unique bonus. This could be free money deposited into your account, a match bonus or free bingo tickets. There are so many things you could win.

The reason bingo sites offer this type of promotion is because they know just how popular it is. It helps to raise your adrenaline before you’ve even gone into the paid games section.

Paid Spin The Wheel bingo games

Spin the wheel bingo sites do offer a free spin, but typically you have to pay to play. It’s worth noting that the paid games offer you much bigger prizes. You could potentially win quite a large jackpot just by spinning the wheel.

Not all bingo sites offer this type of game. Therefore if it’s something you really like the sound of you’ll have to compare the different sites before you sign up. Try to find one that offers free spin promotions; that way you’ll get to potentially win something for nothing. Overall, the spin the wheel promotion is definitely worth taking part in.