Team Bingo Explained

Team Bingo- What is it? We usually think of bingo as a solitary activity – you buy your own tickets, you mark off your own numbers, and you keep your own winnings. But, there is a different way to play, and it can lead to huge wins, and lifelong friendships. Read on, to find out about team bingo explained.

Team Bingo the basics:

Depending on what site you play at, and what network you prefer, team bingo takes several different formats.

Usually, it's about competing and winning as many times as possible, but it's also about making new friends. You'll get the support of your bingo teammates, who will be cheering for you to win as many bingo games as possible, and you'll be cheering for your teammates too.

How do I play team bingo?

One of my favourite places to play team tournaments is Bingo Cove. With its desert island theme and £100 welcome bonus, it's certainly a very enticing holiday destination.

And the Team Bingo tournament is very alluring too. Firstly, you need to get together with three of your buddies and email their names to the management team. You're only allowed to join one team per month, and if you don't have a team, you can be assigned one by the organisers. Entries must be received by the seventh of each month – just be aware of that deadline.

Then it's time to think of a fun name for your team – you may want to organise a quick vote vote. Think of something fun or witty or something that reflects your mutual interests.

Ready for a bingo battle?

Then it's on to battle it out with other teams. Usually, you earn points every time you win a full house in the 90 ball, Swedish room, or 75 ball room. Free winnings are not counted as points.

The more your team plays, the faster and higher you will climb up that leaderboard, although this is not an excuse to encourage reckless play. If one teammate isn't pulling their weight, don't put the pressure on. After all, it's only a game, and an addictive one at that.

Team Bingo problems

And this brings us to one of the downsides of team bingo – it's the perfect environment for bitchy comments, infighting, and squabbling. Try not to get involved in any negative gossip-mongering, and if it occurs, try to pour oil on the waters as quickly as possible.

Team Bingo points mean prizes

At the end of the month, the team with the most points will share millions of loyalty points. First place is 1 million loyalty points, second prize is 520,000 loyalty points, and third prize is 200,000 loyalty points.

These loyalty points can then be exchanged for free cards, which can then lead  the way to a big win.

If a month of teaming up sounds too much to manage, consider playing a short tournament, available at sites like Showreel and Rovers Bingo. Here, team tournaments play twice a week, and only last for a few hours each time.

And once again, team games should come with a health warning – only spend what you can afford to, and never let your teammates push you into playing more than you want to.

Make good friends

If played responsibly, team bingo can be a life changer – firstly because of the potential winnings you can make, and secondly, because of the long-lasting friendships.