UK Bingo Site Regulations

Britain’s online bingo industry is regulated by the UKs Gambling Commission. At the end of 2014, online bingo regulation in the UK underwent some significant changes.

It is now required that every bingo site that provide services and advertise to players in Britain have to be both licenced and regulated by the UK’s Gambling Commission. The Commission was founded in 2005 when it took over from an organisation named the Gaming Board of Great Britain.

The primary objective of the Gambling Commission is centred on promoting responsible, fair gambling and to make sure that sites holding licences operate in harmony with the standards mapped out by the UK Gambling Act.

Augmenting safety and trust through a regulated industry

As well as holding a gambling licence a site is required to comply with rules set out by the Gambling Commission throughout the duration of its licence.

The Commission implements compliance through various avenues, including:

.                 Making visits to the sites and conducting reviews

.                 Providing licence holders with relevant guidance and advice

.                 Carrying out preventative or remedial action

.                 Making additional conditions to the licence

.                 Analysing information related to finances

What does a bingo site need to do to make an application for a licence?

If a site is aiming to advertise bingo services to players in the UK, it will need to hold a licence that has been issued by the Gambling Commission. A site can obtain a licence through one of two options.


.                 If it is in a country that is in the EEA (European Economic Area) and is therefore automatically able to advertise its online gambling services to players in the UK

.                 Is an operator that holds a licence given by the Gambling Commission official ‘accepted regions’ whitelist