What Are Bingo Tourneys?

You may have seen the term Bingo Tourney or Tournament on your online bingo adventures. What does this mean? Let us explain to you and then you can go off and take part in one!

Bingo Tournaments give players the chance to play for some fantastic prizes including cash, bonus and even the odd holiday! These tournaments usually have a scheduled time and play over the course of a weekend, week, and even a month, in some cases. The aim of the game is always the same; you want to win and win, again and again.

Paying to Play

A lot of bingo site charge a fee for players to take part in an online bingo tournament, this fee gains them access to specific games at set times. Players earn points for winning and then it’ a battle between players to reach the top of the leader board.

Awarding bingo tourney points

Sometimes players are invited to play a selection of special games that make up a bingo tourney. The principle is the same in that you win, earn points and climb up the leaderboard. Often these types of tourney offer smaller prizes as the players aren’t paying a fee to enter so be aware that free tourneys or special invite tourneys may mean not so fantastic prizes.

Free Bingo Tourneys

And then there are free bingo tourneys. Take part in these and you won’t be wowed by the prizes but you can have good fun aiming for the top of the leaderboard and winning whatever it is the site has on offer. Often these type of tourney are available as a reward t certain players, giving them the chance to take part in something they might otherwise over look.

At any one time there are a number of online bingo tournaments going on, on the web. Check to see if your favourite site runs them and if not, find a bingo site that does!

Bingo tourney leaderboard