What Are Casino Games?

Casino games are probably the most popular way to gamble online. These games come in a number of formats, with various themes. It’s important to find out how these games work and how you win. Online casino games aren’t too dissimilar to the real deal you would find in a casino but there can be extra features online worth looking out for.

Casino games at the bingo

Most online bingo sites will have a casino games section; play somewhere like Bet365 and William Hill and you’ll find an extensive selection of casino games. One of the reasons casino games are so popular is because you can achieve a quick win, something bingo doesn’t provide. Online slots offer huge progressive jackpots and come in a variety of themes making them exciting and one of the best loved games on the web.

Fruit machines look like slots but they’re different in that they often only have one pay line, where slots can have lots and offer wild cards, scatter symbols and bonus games. Fruit machines are a lot simpler but don’t come with the added bonuses and extra ways to win. That’s not to say fruit machines don’t have decent jackpots because they can be just as tempting as slots.

All-time greats

The other great names in the online casino world are roulette, craps and blackjack, not to mention card games such as poker. The majority of bingo sites that have a casino section will feature these old favourites and you’ll also spot some unique games and new takes on the classics.

Decent bingo and casino sites will have a ‘How to play’ guide or ‘Getting started’ page that helps you out and gives you the game rules, tips and so on. Look out for this when playing for the first time so you don’t end up wagering and then finding yourself out of your depth.