What Are Live Bingo Sites?

People who regularly play online games and take an interest in the online gaming industry will realise how important live bingo games are to the industry. One aspect of traditional casino gaming that online gaming site developers are keen to recreate is having a live dealer to interact with while playing the games.

Live bingo caller interaction

Online gaming offers a lot that traditional gaming doesn’t, though one thing it can’t replicate is the experience of having a croupier there overseeing the game. With bingo, a core part of the game’s appeal is having the bingo caller shout out the numbers to a live audience. People attend bingo games in increasingly large numbers because of the excitement of the whole experience. Even though the popularity of online bingo has been steadily growing over recent years, people still attend live games.

To try and compete with the ever-popular bingo experience, online gaming sites have started offering a wider range of live games. These live games take place in studio mock-ups mainly in The Philippines and a number of Eastern European countries. Sometimes sites even team up with cable TV channels and produce shows such as Supercasino and Jackpot 247.

The online bingo industry offers a variety of games with live presenters. One example is Crown Bingo, which uses the Best Bingo network to offer its players a live gaming experience. This particular site was in fact the very first bingo site to offer live games – since their first was launched in March 2010, the site has continued offering live games for its players to enjoy. From 6pm to midnight every day the site offers 90-ball games, with six fully-trained live presenters leading the games, offering promotions and special games as well.

Is live bingo popular?

Crown Bingo led the way for other bingo sites to start offering their own live games. One of the first to follow Crown Bingo’s example was Chit Chat Bingo, which uses the St Minver network to every live games from 8:30pm to 11:30pm every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Wink Bingo takes a different approach: they’ve offered a few live games, though there isn’t a set schedule for them. What they do offer is live video links so players can chat to the male models that feature in their TV ads – they’re keen to get people interacting, even if it isn’t necessarily always to do with bingo. Another site doing things a bit differently is Bingocams. This site quite often hosts live events with celebrities hosting and has a unique feature where game winners are shown live on their webcams as they win.

Will the bigger sites start featuring live bingo callers in the future?

You might be surprised to find out that none of the major bingo sites currently have live presenters. The companies behind the sites might think it’s too costly to employ live callers or they might think the demand for live callers isn’t really that great. Most bingo sites do offer chat hosts, which is a step towards live callers, though there’s still a massive difference between the type of conversation you get with a chat host and one you could have with a live caller. It’s surprising the larger sites haven’t started using live callers yet, but hopefully they’ll realise what they’re missing out on sooner rather than later.