What Is A Blacklisted Bingo Site?

While the vast majority of bingo sites are reputable and should cause you no problems, there are a few sites that aren’t as trustworthy and will try to scam you into giving them your money. For every product or website, you’ll always find fakes, counterfeits and scams and unfortunately bingo sites are no different.

On the whole bingo sites are safe and trustworthy

The number of dodgy bingo sites is very small and if you do happen to stumble across one, chances are it will be shut down very soon, thanks to online gaming watchdog sites. What these sites do is they monitor gaming sites, investigating any customer complaints and ensuring the site operates legally. If a site’s doing something it clearly shouldn’t be doing, the watchdog blacklists it by telling everyone else about it and reporting it to the right authorities so it can be shut down.

It isn’t just fake sites that are blacklisted; there are plenty of reasons why a site may be blacklisted. For example, if a site hasn’t paid a customer their winnings, they’ll need a very convincing reason as to why they haven’t done so. If they can’t come up with a fair and authentic reason, they’ll get blacklisted. A site may also get blacklisted for not handing out bonuses, not allowing players to withdraw money when they should be allowed to withdraw, blocking an account for no good reason or for cancelling a promotion before its advertised deadline. These are just a few of the reasons why a site may get blacklisted - no site wants to be blacklisted because it results in fewer customers returning to the site, less promotional backing from other sites and ultimately less revenue.

Make a complaint

You have every right as a player to register a complaint with a bingo site if you feel they’ve done something wrong. If your complaint isn’t dealt with, you then have every right to report the site to a gambling watchdog site. You should always double-check the T&Cs of the site in question before registering complaints because there’s always the chance you could be in the wrong and that you’ve simply made a mistake. You might not have understood the minimum wagering requirements properly, for example.

If you want to find out what sites have been blacklisted, simply Google gambling watchdog sites and you’ll find some that have lists of blacklisted sites for you to consult. If a site’s on probation, that means they’ve done something wrong in the past but now they’re being closely monitored to see whether they’re operating correctly or not.

Spot the signs

There are some more obvious signs that a site’s been blacklisted or should be blacklisted for not operating correctly. Sites that don’t have a license are to be avoided – always check the company that’s meant to be offering the license just to double check. You should also avoid sites that don’t offer at least one free way of withdrawing money and don’t have a certificate to say fair play has been assured – this is done by using RNGs, or random number generators. Sites that allow Americans to play are probably also operating illegally.

If you have any suspicions about a gaming site, do some research to ensure the site’s operating correctly and isn’t doing anything untoward.

We only list sites that are operating legally and correctly. We will blacklist any sites that are doing anything they shouldn’t. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re having trouble contacting a site about something they’re doing wrong.