What is Free Bingo Money?

Wahey! You've joined up to a new site and now it's raining free bingo money. Best get a reinforced umbrella, because pound coins can be heavy! Free bingo money can take several different forms, and at first, it can seem confusing.

Free bingo money for new players

So, if you're a new player, or you just need a refresher course, here's my guide to free bingo money, and tips on what to do with those lovely showers of free cash. Umbrellas at the ready.

The No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is a free cash incentive, offered by some, but not all sites. It's usually anywhere between £1 and £20, and it means you can sign up and play at a site, without making a deposit. In effect, you open your account, and the cash is already sitting and waiting to be used.

As enticing as this free cash may seem, all is not as it appears – if you make any winnings with this cash, chances are, you won't be be able to to withdraw it – what a swizz. Or is it? It's best to think of the no deposit bonus as a free trial, and although it may seem unfair that you can't withdraw it, the whole bingo industry would go bankrupt if roomies were able to do this. It would be like one enormous cash machine. Just imagine. Scrummy Bingo offers a large £15 no deposit bonus, whereas 888 Ladies dishes out a £5 no deposit bonus. Usually, this free cash cannot be spent on slot games either.

The deposit bonus

This is probably the most common type of free cash – I can't think of a single site that doesn't offer some kind of cash match incentive.  When you first make a deposit at a site, it's multiplied by various percentages. For instance, Foxy Zero has a 200% deposit bonus, Bob's Bingo has a 750% welcome package, and Little Miss Bingo has 900% welcome package. As you can see, it varies wildly between sites, and you really should familiarise yourself with the small print before you sign up.

Bonus bucks

Aka bbz, or bonus points. These are dished out all over the show - you can win them for taking part in chat games, you can win them for participating in forum activities, you can win them for entering competitions. Once again, these cannot be withdrawn, and your bonus bucks balance will be displayed separately from your real cash account. Terms and conditions vary across networks, so once again, get out a magnifying glass, and examine the iddy biddy small print. At Little Miss Bingo, you can actually use your bonus bucks to spin on those slots - how wonderfully generous.

Loyalty points

Aka LPs. 99% of sites have a loyalty scheme – the more you play, the higher you climb through the levels. Collect as many loyalty points as you can, because they can then be exchanged for free tickets. And many a huge win has been made on a free ticket, never forget that.