What Is Self Exclusion At Casinos?

All reputable casinos, betting shops and bingo venues, whether land based or online, have a system in place for self-exclusion. This forms part of a company's policy on responsible gambling.

Why Use Self Exclusion?

Self-exclusion allows players to to ask a gambling company not to accept wagers from them for a set period of time. You may decide to make use of self-exclusion if you are concerned that you're spending too much time and/or money gambling. Once you have made a request for self-exclusion the company should refuse service from you for the time period specified.

The minimum time period for self-exclusion is six months, or 12 months for betting shops, but after that you can control how long you wish to remain excluded for. During this time you will be removed from marketing databases and won't receive any promotional material.

How Do I Opt In?

If you wish to take part in the scheme then you need to contact each operator you have an account with and inform them of your decision. For online gambling you should be able to find the required information on the responsible gambling page of the site. If you're concerned you may not be able to stick to your resolve then there are software blockers that you can download to restrict access to gambling sites.


Land-based casinos now have a scheme whereby players can self-exclude from casinos nationwide using just one form. The SENSE (Self Enrolment National Self Exclusion) scheme means that if you self-exclude from one casino, it will share the information with all other participating casinos. You can enrol by visiting a casino in person or by filling out a form and sending it by post or email.