What Is The Bingo Deposit Bonus?

In order to win big and play on bingo sites, you need to have money in your account. While some sites provide free games, the thrill really comes from betting real money. There’s a lot of competition in the online bingo world, so companies offer a range of bonuses to keep players coming back for more. One of the most popular is the deposit bonus.

How the bingo deposit bonus works

Deposit bonuses are given when you make a deposit into your account. There is a wide range of different deposit bonuses available. One of the most popular is the match bonus.

Match bonuses basically give you the same amount of money back that you put in. They are typically given when you first join a site, though some companies also provide regular match bonuses to keep players coming back. The match percentage differs between sites, but you can expect to receive at least 100% match bonus when you register. Some will offer 200%-500% bonuses, this used to be quite rare to find such high bonuses but now the bingo sites have so much competition it is a much needed part of promotion.

Once you’ve made your initial first deposit, you’ll then likely receive match bonuses on your second, third and potentially the fourth deposit you make. The percentage will usually drop with each deposit you make. Some sites offer a constant 20% match bonus on all deposits you make throughout your membership on the site. If match deposit bonuses are important to you, you’ll need to look around to find the best deals to suit your preferences.

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Look out for deposit bonus terms and conditions

Before you get too tempted by a promotion, it’s important to read through the terms and conditions. With deposit bonuses there are often a number of restrictions. This could include:

• Maximum bonus amount

• Minimum deposit limit

• Withdrawal restrictions

Often the deposit bonus will only pay up to a certain amount. The average bonus pay-out seems to be around £150. So if you deposit £150, you’ll get a bonus £150 taking your overall total to £300. Of course you can put in more than £150 if you want to, but you’ll still only receive £150 bonus.

There’s often a minimum deposit limit too. Some sites may set this at £5, while others will insist you top up your account with £10 to receive any benefits. You’ll need to find out just how much you need to top up your account by in order to qualify for the bonus.

Withdrawal restrictions

One thing you can’t do is withdraw the money you receive from the bonus. You need to spend it on the site, or at least spend a large portion of it before you can make a withdrawal. You might not be able to make any withdrawals at all for a set time period. This is definitely something you need to find out about before you sign up for an offer.

Deposit bonuses can be a huge advantage - you’re making a deposit anyway so you might as well receive a bonus for doing it. As long as you read through the terms and conditions you’ll be able to choose a deposit bonus promotion that suits your needs.


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