Bingo Network

Bingo networks are a number of sites that run on the same bingo software, the site often have the same jackpots and promotions. The advantages to signing up to a network bingo site are you should find bigger prizes and promotions, the sites are linked together so will have more bingo players in the bingo rooms therefore are able to offer higher jackpots.


Networks tend to share jackpots and players so although you may think you are registering at a completely new bingo site, you may actually already be registered at a completely different looking bingo site on the same network. By looking through our list of bingo networks you can avoid registering on the same network and avoid getting the dreaded message "This e-mail address is already registered!". The largest bingo network we have listed is the Dragonfish Network which has 73 bingo sites on the network.

We often hear the term ‘Bingo Network’ banded about; you will hear words along the lines of ‘Britain’s biggest bingo network’ or ‘most popular bingo network’ on TV adverts, reviews, bingo sites and bingo comparison sites. But what does it actually mean and is it important for player to even know what a bingo network is?

A bingo network is…


To put it as simply as possible, a bingo network is a group of sites owned by one company, which all share some of the same bingo rooms and promotions and that all use the same software (we’ll come onto software shortly).

Players that have an online bingo account at one site may not want to play on other sites within the same bingo network as the games and rooms available will be the same. However, if a site is offering a hefty bingo welcome bonus you can’t refuse, access to special promotions or exclusive bingo rooms, you may want to sign up after all!

Despite these sites coming under the same umbrella and using the same software, they will all look completely different and have different themes. Each company will run anything from two to twenty-five bingo sites in the same network.

Different themes


Although the different bingo sites will aesthetically all look different, you will probably notice they run very similar offers, promotions, bonuses and welcome packages; in many cases, these will be identical across the sites. That is because they’re run by the same bingo company across the same bingo network.

When a bingo network is offering the same promotions and competition across all of its sites, it also means those players entering across all the network’s sites, will all be pooled. So with that said, isn’t it better just to have one big bingo site?

If you think about large corporations that own several brands, they won’t for example, have two of the same clothes shop brand on the same high street? They will have lots of smaller shops to increase the chances of consumers’ spending money in each one. It is the same with bingo networks. By having lots of smaller sites with different themes, they are increasing the chances of attracting players. Some players may be more attracted to a modern, sleek bingo site design, where as other players may prefer to sign up to a funky, bright, fun themed bingo site. By offering more choice, more players are likely to sign up.



With more and more players signing up across the sites within the bingo network, this means that sites can offer bigger jackpots and more expensive prizes! Wow, that’s great, we hear you say? Well, yes and no.

Remember we told you that jackpots and prizes were pooled across the network? Well, when a player is on a site offering a Jackpot of £10,000, they aren’t just competing with players on that site, but with players across all the bingo networks sites, effectively reducing their chances of winning. However, without a bingo network, there would be no big jackpots to play for. Instead, players would be looking at £250 prizes – not quite as enticing is it?

Popular bingo networks


When you go to a bingo site, look out for some of these names at the bottom of the homepage usually. It will often say something like ‘Powered by Dragonfish’ (or whatever network), along with their logo. Here are some of the most common Bingo networks in the industry:

Virtue Fusion
Joy of Bingo
8 Ball (Dragonfish)
QuickThink Media (Gaming Realms)
Broadway Gaming
Live Bingo Network
8 Ball (Cozy)
Wheel of slots
15 Network
Lucky Duck Network
Relax Gaming
Daub Alderney

One of the largest bingo networks is the Virtue Fusion network. One of the most appealing factors of the Virtue Fusion Network is that they offer very generous promotions, have huge jackpots and a vast array of bingo rooms. This is all due to the fact they have such a large network. On the downside, because the bingo rooms are so popular, the games tend to end much quicker and there is a smaller chance of winning the big money prizes, which can leave players feeling a little disappointed.

At the other end of the scale are bingo networks such as Daub Alderney, a much smaller network in comparison. The rooms in this bingo network are not linked with any other sites and because the network is small, the bingo rooms aren’t too busy. This network tends to give out more free spins and bonuses which don’t have an expiry date, but because some of the rooms are cash only, you can’t win more than £50.

Bingo software


We mentioned ‘bingo software’ earlier and promised we’d explain a little more about it and what it is. You’ll often see bingo sites ‘running on xxx software’ or ‘powered by xxx software’. Bingo software is simply the engine that the bingo site runs on. An example you may be more familiar with is your laptop may run on Windows 10. Windows would be the software that your laptop operates through.

So what does mean with regards to online bingo sites? Well, sites that run on the same software will tend to have very similar game play and a specific site will look the same whether you’re playing on your tablet, mobile, mac or laptop. If you find a site you like, you may want to check out other sites that run on the same software you feel comfortable with, or if you really hate the way a site runs, you may also want to avoid other sites running on the same software!

Some examples of bingo software you’ll commonly see are:

  1. Virtue fusion/ playtech
  2. Microgaming
  3. Dragonfish/888
  4. Cozy
  5. Gamesys
  6. Jumperman
  7. White Hat
  8. Tombola
  9. GTech
  10. Daub Alderney

The largest of these software providers is Virtue Fusion, which is owned by the industry giant Playtech. Eventually, all branding will change to Playtech Bingo. The software is versatile and extremely popular and now that they are upgrading all their software to HTML 5 across all devices, this will prove to be even more popular for players.

The next big industry leader is Dragonfish which belongs to 888 Holdings and uses Cavassa as its payment processing sector.

Microgaming are best known for slot sites and Cozy software was one of the industry’s first to use HTML5, making it much easier to use its software on mobile devices. The last of the big names is Jumperman which has a huge amount of sites now using its software and is therefore seen as a leading software provider in the industry rather than a smaller alternative.

There are also a few other alternatives to these big software names; look out for software providers such as White Hat Gaming, Daub Alderney, Leapfrog, GTech, Tombola and Relax Gaming.

Is it important?


So now you know a little more about bingo networks and bingo software providers, you can see how having a little knowledge can help you decide where you want to play and where you want to spend your money. You can make more informed decisions about playing for larger jackpots, finding your favourite software provider and whether a promotion across a bingo network is something worth investing your time and money on. Now you’re armed with a little know-how about bingo networks, go find your favourite and enjoy!