Member reviews for Bingo Cams

  • Not good site! BINGO CAMS  Posted on 24 Mar 2011 By ronan49

    Before this site opened i registered for the free no deposit bonus they were offering, i got £100 to play with and i wish i never got it.It took me about 3 hours to spend and i never won a line, absolute nothing.I wish i could say i was the only 1 complaining but there were loads saying...  Read More

  • Bingo Cams is brilliant  Posted on 1 May 2011 By adele322

    Really enjoy playing on this site not only do you get £5 free to get you going there is also a bonus game were you can win so easy.You dont need a webcam to play on here but it helps for you to meet new people and to win on bonus game,chat hosts are more than happy to help you out they are...  Read More

  • So fun to see the winners!!  Posted on 4 May 2011 By emmking09

    The added fun of the webcam chose is a experience u need to see.The fact that when u win if ur webcam is on u can also get to play a bonus game for extra money is a added thrill.Although winning seems hard on this site thats down to my pure bad luck but the atmosphere is one that makes u want to...  Read More

  • best bingo bonuses  Posted on 11 May 2011 By dustyxxx

    What a bingo site BINGOCAMS is, I registered and received a £5 bonus upon which i went on to withdraw £290 pounds without depositing and registering my card details. I am registered with a lot of bingo sites and played a lot of free bonuses but BINGOCAMS has to be the best as is...  Read More

  • Great Site excellent bonus scheme  Posted on 7 Jun 2011 By kerrydag26

    Bingo Cams has got to be one of the best new bingo sites to arrive. First of all you get £5 free play money, if you are lucky enough to win from your bonus money you have to wager 10x the amount, once this is reached any money that is in your bonus account will be transferred to your real...  Read More

  • Bingo cams not for me  Posted on 25 Jun 2011 By clareabella666

    When i saw this Bingo Cams advertised i soon signed up an i tend to do with all new bingo sites. My first impression wasn't good the room looked quite dull in dark blue and the chat box was quite wide. I thought i would give it a chance though, as i was one of the first to join i got...  Read More

  • Not too bad  Posted on 11 Aug 2011 By natuk2011

    Well, what can I say about Bingo cams? First of all , the game prizes are not really up to much.Ive played at various times of the day and no house goes up past £20. I haven't got a webcam but even if I did I'm not sure id want to play with the web cam staring at me all the time ,...  Read More

  • Dont be shy, get your face on bingocams  Posted on 18 Sep 2011 By arunthegreatest

    Bingocams is unlike any other bingo website, It gives its players a chance to grab a real piece of the action just using there webcams, of course this is optional it wouldn't make sense not too, the idea is if you bingo on any line 2 line or full house your live win moment is recorded for...  Read More