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Before this site opened i registered for the free no deposit bonus they were offering, i got £100 to play with and i wish i never got it.It took me about 3 hours to spend and i never won a line, absolute nothing.I wish i could say i was the only 1 complaining but there were loads saying they never won a penny,it was the same players winning time and time again. The bingo cams camera was awful, the ch said you had more chance of winning if you put the camera on, this shows a pic of you playing and you can see yourself but,lets be honest, who wants to get up in the morning with your dressing gown on, your hair all over the place and show yourself!Not me im sure lol,Id have to shower, do my hair, have a shave, put a nice top on etc lol. No , not for me bingo cams, thanks all the same!


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10/25 Rating
  • Quality of side-games
  • Quality of chat rooms
  • Quality of games
  • Quality of CM's (Chat Moderators)
  • Value for money
  • I would recommend Bingo Cams!    NO

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