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when i first joined moon bingo i was loving it i enjoyed the bingo games i made a few deposits and had a few winnings but when it came time to make a withdrawal all hell broke loose they suspended my account, would not process my withdrawal. they wanted me to provide them with i.d which would not have been a problem had they asked for that when they were taking my money, as long as you make deposits there is no problem but asking for your winnings did not make them happy,even if id sent my i.d through to them i still wasnt going to get my withdrawal just 5000 moon points wow how generous of them.since this happened i have not gone back to play at moon bingo and will never play there again.give them your money ask for nothing in return and alls good


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11/25 Rating
  • Quality of side-games
  • Quality of chat rooms
  • Quality of games
  • Quality of CM's (Chat Moderators)
  • Value for money
  • I would recommend Moon Bingo!    NO

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