Member reviews for Red Bus Bingo

  • i love red bus bingo  Posted on 18 Jun 2010 By pauline54

    this is a pity because i really do love red bus bingo but, im afraid i dont go into it often now, the reason? i cant win. When i started it was great but it seems now only new players win, this isnt what i think, its because new players say they win time and time again which i did so no...  Read More

  • Get your free tickets everyday  Posted on 1 Jul 2010 By wenldabble

    This site is fantastic. i joined this site, and deposited , received my bonus and off i went. everyday i log on and enter a free draw to win 500 and 300 and 200 pounds. i havnet been a lucky winner yet, but i never give up on it. There are somegreat games to play whilst waiting for your bingo and...  Read More

  • give it a go  Posted on 1 Jul 2010 By pauline54

    this site is great, the free rooms are well worth playing as really good prize money, there are plenty of 5p and 10p rooms to choose from and also a 20p room.If you are a depositing player there are free rooms open which are worth a cool £200 and a cool £300, these are played at evening, i won...  Read More

  • get on the red bus  Posted on 6 Jul 2010 By pauline54

    red bus is soooo good, i love everything about this site, i have won loads in here, i must of banked more than £300 in the first fortnight i was on,I then went on the slots and won £200 but i kept this to play with.Roomies you must go to this site as it has everything to offer, free games rooms,...  Read More

  • REDBUSBINGO 7/10  Posted on 9 Aug 2010 By galoob64

    I joined RedBus Bingo about three months ago, deposited £10 and got £25 free that's £35 to play with. Really enjoyed the bingo games, loads of different rooms to choose from ranging from 5p upwards.As there was loads of players in each room expected prize money to be...  Read More

  • Love it !!  Posted on 9 Sep 2010 By midnightminx

    I love this site its one of the best i play everything about it is brill the are lots of rooms so more chance on winning and prices start from 1p up and there is lots of free bingo all day every day i loke playing in the 25p in the morning untill the 10p opens and im in there all day and winning...  Read More

  • DONT PLAY I PLEED WITH YOU  Posted on 13 Sep 2010

    REDBUS BINGO.please do not get sucked into joining this very poor site,yes they offer you great first time bonuses but its dead money.i played this site along with five other players for three days none stop .after 72 hours we all after depositing 200 pounds each with bonuses on top bust out.19p...  Read More

  • I was lucky on Redbus!  Posted on 1 Oct 2010 By ryry121

    When I joined red bus bingo I got 250% deposit bonus so I deposited 30 pounds and got a massive 75 pounds bonus. They have a 50% redopsit bonus to with some times more as they have promotions running. They have a free bingo tab where you can win 200 pounds free 300 pounds free and 500 pounds...  Read More

  • get on the bus with red bus bingo  Posted on 7 Oct 2010 By pauline54

    Red Bus Bingo, this site is great, the free bingo rooms are well worth playing as really good prize money, there are plenty of 5p and 10p rooms to choose from and also a 20p room.If you are a depositing player there are free rooms open which are worth a cool £200 and a cool £300,...  Read More

  • What a Great Bingo Site !  Posted on 26 Mar 2011 By alockawow00

    This has to be the best bingo site off all time ... i really can't say enough about it.. apart from the 20 or so times i've won (and not small wins 10 of those 20 were all over £100 a time) .. the most i have won was £3,500 on "Jewel Journey" one of the...  Read More

  • pay a penny +go on a ride on the redbus  Posted on 29 Aug 2011 By babs69

    this was the first bingo site i had ever been on that offered fantastic warmth +friendly i lost my lovely husband last year after 30 years of marriage and i did.nt want to go out and face people so i joined redbus and i havent looked back ,they were so lovely and friendly + i havent laughed so...  Read More

  • RedBus Is Poor (but looks pretty)  Posted on 18 Nov 2011

    You won't get rich here, usually non roomie winners and real low jackpots that never vary by a quid or two, no matter how many players! TIP: If you moan like hell that you never win and cause a little stir in the chat, you usually win the very next game. (Ive seen this happen over 10 times)...  Read More

  • The bus that pays out  Posted on 19 May 2013 By snouta

    I joined Red Bus Bingo a while ago but as its not as promoted as some other sites i forgot all about it - lucky for me i recently remembered about this site and deposited for the first time.  This is my kind of bus , with small bingo rooms and few players in each its much easier to...  Read More