£1K Guaranteed Christmas Game at Ok Mag Bingo

By Peter X - December 3 2010

Ok Mag Bingo has just given you another good reason to look forward to 25th December and it’s not because of your Christmas dinner! The £1000 Guaranteed game costs just 10p to play and offers a guaranteed prize of £1000 starting at 11pm. Admittedly, you might be quite busy on Christmas night so why not pre-buy your tickets to avoid missing out? Tickets can be picked up from Tuesday 21st December so make a note of that somewhere.

This coming Monday players are invited to take part in the Gift Finder promo which will run between 12pm and 4pm in the VIP Room. Win Full House and you will receive a BBs prize. Under each of the numbers labelled 1 to 90 there is a special gift awaiting the player. Once a player wins the CM will check the special gift finder board to see what the corresponding BB prize is. It could be anything between 2 and 10BBs.

The Christmas and New Year Arcade and Casino Tournament will hit Ok Mag Bingo between 20th December and 2nd January 2011. Ten winners will be generated from this tourney and they will win cash and credit prizes so this is one competition you might want to get involved in.

Ok Mag Bingo will be celebrating New Year’s Eve with a special £2010 Full House game which has a minimum prize of £210 to be won. Ticket cost 35p for this bingo game and if you’re not out seeing the New Year in you could do a lot worse than staying in and playing your favourite bingo game. The fun begins at 11pm.

Then onto New Year’s Day and there’s £2011 Full House prize up for grabs with a minimum prize of £211. Again tickets are 35p so they won’t break the bank. Ok Mag has definitely got a good few offers here to keep you busy over the next few weeks so make a point of spending some time with them over the festive season.

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