20 Free Lottery Lines When You Join Rollover Bingo

By Vicky Duncalf - July 19 2012

We are always on the lookout to bring you new bingo sites, and Rollover Bingo is one of the most phenomenal. Have you ever heard of such a concept – every time you play bingo, you get entered into the national lottery as well! Here's how it works – with every £5 you spend on tickets, Rollover treat you to one free line on the national lottery. Your numbers go into a syndicate of 49 players – you share their numbers, and they share yours.

Of course, you can still play your favourite online scratchcards and online casino games at Rollover, but it's only when you play bingo that the tickets count towards the lottery.

Enormous jackpots are all the rage at Rollover, and one of the most spectacular is the £10,000 Going For Gold on Friday, July 27 at 8 PM. Tickets cost £1.50, and it's eyes down at 8 PM. Having said that, there are almighty jackpots every night at 9 PM, creeping up in total towards the end of the week. The fun begins at 9 PM on Monday, where you could win £500, inching up to £1000 on Thursday, and then a sensational £5000-er on Saturday at 9 PM. There are 20 free lottery lines waiting for you when you deposit at Rollover, so make the decision and play there today.

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