20 Free Lotto Lines at Rollover Bingo

By Vicky Duncalf - May 6 2013

It's eyes down and hands in the air, at Rollover Bingo. That's because it's the only site to give you free lines on the national lottery every time you wager.

Sign today, and you'll get £20 free plus 20 Lotto lines on the next approaching national lottery. With every £5 you spend on cards, you get one free syndicated line on the lottery – hundreds of players have already won big, thanks to this unique way to play.

It's not just bingo you can play at Rollover either – it has all of your favourite instant games and chat games as well. There are huge jackpot games every night at 9 PM, with the star of the show being the Saturday £5000 game.

If you've never played lottery games as part of a syndicate before, Rollover will show you how. You go into a syndicate with 49 other players, and you share their winnings, and they share yours. This is unless you get a three ball win with your own personal numbers – if you manage to do this, you'll get the full amount paid into your account in bonus funds.

So, if you're ready to be the next lottery and UK bingo sites winner, sign at Rollover now for that £20 free, and those 20 free lines. Chop chop.

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