2014 Jackpot at Bingo Street

By Dani Lee - December 27 2013

Everybody needs new neighbours

It’s time you moved in and met your new neighbours at Bingo Street. Play free bingo no deposit today, and you could be winning a happy £2014 jackpot at 9:30 PM. This game plays on New Year’s Day, and has a full house of £1000, a two line prize of £600, and a one line prize of £414. Cards cost 30p, which is much cheaper than most other New Year games at rival UK bingo sites.


Pop into the Supermarket

No street is complete without a shop, and in the SuperBingoMarket, you can check out a big win. This is where you make your pre-buys for daily, weekly, and monthly guaranteed jackpots from just 5p. For instance, in the Cash and Carry, you can win £150 in supermarket vouchers for 40p per ticket. This one plays every other Wednesday – make sure you are at the front of the queue. Then there’s the brand-new £500 Self Service, every Saturday at 9:30 PM. Win £100 per line – get your cards during the week, and whether you call a full house on one line, or five, everybody wins the same amount.


£400 Manager’s Special

What has the manager got in store for you this week? See the boss every Friday at 9:30 PM, and you could be winning a full house prize of £200. Once again, this is a pre-buy, so purchase a few in advance for 20p each.


Crazy Cash Cottage

It’s a crazy way to win cash – call a full house in 48 calls or less, and you will nab the top prize of £500. Even if you cover in at least 56 calls, you’ll win a minimum of £30 – see you in that crazy house every Friday on the hour between 6 PM and 11 PM. Shake the signpost to win £5 now – your new neighbours are waiting.



Bingo Street

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