32 Red Bingo £7000 Robin Hood Giveaway

By Dani Lee - August 22 2010

32 Red Bingo has had weekly giveaways based on the Beatles, banana splits and even fishing this month and now we’re off to Sherwood Forest in search of Robin Hood!

Between Saturday 21st and Tuesday 31st August there’s an impressive £7000 to be won in this special Robin Hood giveaway.

The story of Robin Hood has been told many times over the years in both books and film. Who didn’t love Kevin Costner in the film which featured one of the biggest selling singles of all time ‘Everything I do’ by Bryan Adams, ok I admit it, I’m a fan!

Robin Hood has become a bit of a legend over the years and so it seems only fitting that at some point one of the online bingo sites would do some sort of promo based upon him.

Now, you know 32 Red Bingo, they don’t like to put on a promo without a few useless facts or random trivia about the subject so here’s some Robin Hood info for you….

• His real name was said to be Robert Hode/Robyn Hode but later stories referred to him as Robin of Locksley or the Earl of Huntingdon
• His Merry Men included Little John, Will Scarlet, Friar Tuck, Much the Miller’s Son, Allan a Dale and Maid Marion
• His enemies were the Sheriff of Nottingham. Guy Guisborne, Abbot of St Mary’s, York, Bishop of Hereford, Prince John. Isembart de Baleme and Simon de Belleme
• Robin also went by the aliases Rob in the Hood (believe it or not), the Hooded Man, Hobbehod, Robin of Locksley, Robin of Loxley and Robert of Huntingdon

So there you go, you never know when that little lot might come in handy! Now onto the important stuff, the special Robin Hood bingo games will play daily between 21st and 31st Auguts, check the schedule for definitve info on times. I can tell you know that there’s an extra £3BBz for Full House winners, an extra £2BBz for 2 line wins and an extra £1BBz for 1 line wins. Don’t forget there’s a massive £7000 up for grabs so get into the spirit of things and you could be a good few BBz richer by the end of the Robin Hood Giveaway!

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