50p to Win 10k at Ruby Bingo

By Scarlett - December 17 2013

Everybody is equal

Ruby of Ruby’s Bingo loves all her players to have a fair chance, so play UK bingo today and discover the pleasures of Fair’s Fair. Play in Cloud 9 daily between 11 PM and 12 AM – it’s 5p per card and you can only buy 12 cards – no more, or no less. This is the perfect antidote if you’re fed up of certain players snapping up all cards.


Free games every day

Usually, free jackpots are minuscule, but Ruby makes sure hers are the biggest. Play between 12 PM and 1 PM, and you can claim 12 free cards per game. The prize in each round is £30 – yet again, another generous jackpot.


10k to win every day

For 50p per card, you have the chance to win a share of £10,000. Stock up on tickets in advance and don’t miss out on winning a great prize. The first one plays in Royal Court with a £2000 jackpot at midday. Then at 6 PM, it’s £3000 for 50p per card. Then there is the 10:30 PM game with a £5000 jackpot – spot something in common with all of these games? Tickets cost 50p at all times, no matter how big or small the jackpot.


Super Links is here

Tie on a cape, because Super Links is flying into town on the first Saturday of the month. At 10:30 PM, roomies get their eyes down to win a super hero-sized £10,000 prize pool, with tickets priced at yes, you guessed it, 50p each. In here, there is £1000 for one line, £2000 for two lines, and £5000 for a full house prize.


Meet Ruby and pals

Ruby Bingo is presented by the William Hill Group, so you can expect excellent customer care and unsurpassed safety and security levels. Sign now to become part of something big and special – if you deposit £10, Ruby will give you a

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