888 Bingo – It’s a 2010 Hat Trick for “Tonia37”

By Isobel X - January 8 2011

Bingo is a game of pure luck, there is no way of influencing the outcome of a game, so if a player wins at bingo, this is known as "random" luck. However experts beg to differ, they say the more tickets you have in a game, the more the game will favour your win. If you think about it logically and you have a ticket in it, you obviously can win it. Therefore if you have loads of tickets in it, you have loads more chances to win. This has been proven by member "Tonia37"! We are referring to the 888 Bingo site, of which she is not necessarily a member, but she a member of the Dragonfish Network, on which this site operates.

The way this works is, Champagne Bingo, 888 Bingo, Bingo Fabulous, Get Minted Bingo and a whole host of other sites, all work together on the same network. These are B2B bingo products, so if you register at one bingo site, you automatically cannot register at any of the others, also the prizes are pooled.

The success of "Tonia37" during 2010, is a perfect example of how playing on one network, sees loyalty pay off. She won the prize of a Bingo Cruise to the Western Caribbean in September 2010, when she was actually chosen randomly from a hat which contained the names of all the leader board contenders! While we were freezing cold, she was enjoying tropical sun, sea, and sand in November 2010.

Further to this players success; the Dragonfish network ran another big prize competition for £10,000 cash in December. Again "Tonia37" won the main prize of £5000, while runners up shared the balance. Not only that, but while she was on-board the cruise in November there was $80,000 worth of bingo prizes up for grabs and she landed herself a prize onboard the cruise. I stand to be corrected but think this was $1000! She says "this site has changed my life" – and we agree!

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