888 Ladies What Would You Wear For the Perfect Bingo Night In?

By Asin Agrawal - October 17 2010

If you are a member of 888 Ladies Bingo they seem to be pretty obsessed with your sleepwear. The last time I looked they were looking for the sloppiest, tattiest slippers around, now they want to know what you wear in bed on your version of a perfect girls' night in. If it wasn't for the fact that I know they have a promotion built around this, I would think Agent 008 was being a bit too kinky for his own good. All these questions about ladies boudoir attire? Really now!

Regardless of all that 888 Ladies Bingo really is the pink site, so they are assuming on your perfect night in, you will be wearing a pink…whatever. And they want to know what item of 888 Ladies Bingo branded nightwear you would think of wearing to bed, assuming you were playing bingo at the same time. There is a whole list in the blog for you to tick off, so tick 'em, send 'em in, and let's see where this leads? For taking part in this survey, three roomies will also win 10,000 LP's, that is worth a tenner in free bingo bucks, so it is well worth taking the time.

Right now this bingo site is inviting you to slip into something more comfy and get into "Me Time" mode. There is £90,000 worth of weekly prizes up for grabs and, you want to make sure you get your share – right? Jackpot prizes have been increased and there is a big one for £50,000 which is a sliding jackpot with a £2500 minimum. There are £500 pampering vouchers, and they are spoiling you silly with special pressies! This is all Girls Night In stuff, so why don't you check it out too, if you are already planning to be in, you may as well be in good company.

Tthere’s 200% deposit bonus on first deposits up to £200 and 50% on all deposits thereafter so if you're not an 888 Lady, what are you waiting for?!

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    li class="comment even thread-even depth-1" id="comment-466"> ryry121

    wow 90,000 pounds of prizes thats amazing not been here for a bit nw normally only log on to get the free game wil have to have a look

    October 17, 2010


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