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By Becky Mosley - January 10 2010

It’s not just bingo you’ll be getting excited about at 888ladies, they have a fantastic chat community and their Chat Hosts are masters in their field! There are always Loyalty Points up for grabs in the fun filled Chat Host led chat bingo games too so you can win mega points just for being chatty which does come naturally for a lot of us!

All of the 75 and 90 ball bingo rooms host chat games and there are a huge variety to choose from with new additions added regularly.

The Horoscope Game sees the 12 roomies who bingo the most on each of the 12 star sign patterns will win a huge 30,000 LPs. The roomie who bingos the most on the monthly star sign will win the double the points a massive 60,000 LPs and a personalised chart from Russell Grant. The Horoscope Game runs 7pm to 9pm weekdays.

The 24/7 Trivia Room sees 888ladies ever popular Trivia Game available all day every day and you could win 1000 LPs if you answer all of the questions correctly.

‘Sink the CH’ is based upon the classic ‘Battleship’ Game, 5 CH’s will be hidden in the board you have to call out a co-ordinate and try to sin a CH! If you hit one you will win 1000 LPs, there’s up to 5000 LPs if you get the top CH Chica. You can find the ‘Sink the CH’ game between 10am and Midday daily.

Horse Racing plays daily between 4pm and 6pm and sees players choosing a number between 1 and 15, each number is linked to a horse, there is a horse racing board and whilst you play bingo and the bingo numbers are called the numbers are marked off of the board. The first horse to come across all 5 boxes in the horse racing board will earn its owner 1000 LPs.

‘We Love Raiders’ is a chat game with a twist when bingo is called and the winning roomie is not in the room the next player to type ‘Oh yes we’ve been raided’ will win 1000 LPs, this game plays twice daily at 4am til 5am and 8pm to 9pm.

There are many, many more chat games available at 888ladies so we suggest you check them out for yourself and try and score some points in the process!

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