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By Dani Lee - August 20 2010

In online bingo you can be sure of two things, there will always be new bingo sites launching left right and centre and that the existing ones will have to up their game to keep up with the ever changing face of online bingo. In Cheeky Bingo’s case they already have a good reputation and having launched back in 2009 so they decided to give themselves a new look.

Cheeky Bingo were the first online bingo site to offer free bingo so they were already big news but since their launch last year, many new sites have followed suit and they needed to set themselves apart from their competitors. Cheeky Bingo has tweaked their site a little to lure in new players and impress exiting ones but I’m not too sure how successful they’ve been.

The site itself hasn’t undergone a dramatic makeover so don’t worry if you’re an existing player who quite enjoyed the old site, there colour scheme is still drab but the site itself is much easier to use. There are new functions on the home page making it easier for the player to access everything they want in just one click but appearance wise, I think Cheeky’s looking a little dull.

One of the new functions you can now find on the home page is the diary function which allows you to see at a glance what’s happening on site over the next few days. There is also a new scroll bar which shows you which bingo rooms are open, the prizes in each room and the ticket prices.

Cheeky Bingo has definitely made some steps in the right direction but there’s nothing on the new and improved site that’s likely to wow you.

New members who join Cheeky Bingo will receive 200% Welcome Bonus up to £100 so if you spend £10 you’ll get £20 on top giving you £30 in total, tripling your original deposit. Cheeky also gives their players 50% bonus on all of their subsequent deposits.

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