Another good reason for playing online at Gala Bingo!

By Peter X - February 18 2011

While Gala Bingo land based clubs pride themselves in providing a safe secure environment, you might be a lot safer and more secure if you rather play at Gala Bingo online. We saw this in the news today and thought it was worth a mention!

Two women were banned from the Gala Bingo Club in Feltham; a popular bingo hall when police were called out, after a fight broke out between them in the club. The fact that police had to be called and management/security could not handle it privately, points to the seriousness of the fight. Apparently no arrests were made, but the reason for the fight was that one woman had been drinking too much and would not remain quite during a game. Also something that is not of concern when you play online bingo. You can chat as much as you like and drink yourself under your computer table, although we would not typically advise this.

The drunk woman was asked to leave by security staff and on her way out she pushed a regular customer. Another lady customer saw this and apparently this was the straw which broke the camels back; she saw red, so physically laid into the drunk customer. Both these women were banned by club management.  Fortunately incidents of this nature are rare, but it does say something for playing online.

In the meantime Gala Bingo online is celebrating their 5th Birthday and offering some great guaranteed bingo games. Play every Saturday night, starting at 5.55pm, and wager 5p on a bingo ticket for the chance to win a prize of £555.55! You can pretty much guarantee that you won't be pushed around by a drunk and that another customer won't butt in to fight your battles, you have the CM's available to do that! Join this bingo site today and you can claim a free £20 bonus when you register and spend just £5.

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