Bingo News: Argentina to prohibit online gambling

By Becky Mosley - October 14 2008

Argentina is aiming to ban all forms of online gambling, including online bingo and casino sites.

Last week there was a bill announced in Buenos Aires, the Argentina capital, proposing to ban online gambling. If the bill was to be passed then it would make it very difficult for the citizens of Argentina to gamble in any way online.

Another bill has been proposed, aiming to deter online gambling by calling for penalties to be given for Internet Service Provider (ISP) companies that allow people living in Argentina to use online gambling sites including bingo. The penalties could include prison terms and fines depending on the size of the offence. The bill specifies online bingo, online poker, casino ans sportsbetting.

Councillor Luis Alberto Mauri is responsible for proposing the new bill and realises that the bill will not make him a popular person in Argentina as many people enjoy online gambling.

He said “We understand that gambling is part of social behaviour and increasingly popular online, but the fact that citizens in our province have access to this method of gambling does not mean that the state should refrain from exercising control over it.”

Two Bills have been proposed in the last week from two states in Argentina. One was in Buenos Aires and the other in Santa Fe and they are intended to prohibit any form of online gambling.

The main aim of the state is to ensure that the government will receive tax money from gambling, this will happen when citizens are pushed into gambling in local arenas.