Bag the Full House at Wink Bingo

By Asin Agrawal - December 13 2010

Wink Bingo is a veritable full house of bingo games and promotions; this is the case even more so as we get closer and closer to Christmas. The only thing about Christmas Day however, is when it is over and done and Boxing Day comes, one tends to feel a bit like the carcass of the turkey looks – picked over! By now you are feeling broke and wondering how to get through the week to the New Year, let alone the next very looooooooooong month until payday takes place again.

Wink Bingo has the answer in a great little bonus game and this game is the Festive £500 which plays at 7pm on Boxing Day and you can get six FREE bingo tickets right now if you like! This free bingo game is the perfect, post-Christmas pick-me-up!

Also play on Christmas Day because getting stuffed at Christmas is the traditional thing to do. The £5k Stuffing game happens on this day at 8pm, you will have to buy tickets for this bingo game and they are 50p. This is a brilliant priced ticket for such a generous prize but it is Christmas after all and Wink Bingo takes this "season for giving" stuff seriously. Get stuffed with cash this Christmas, instead of Christmas cake, wait…on second thoughts… get stuffed with both if you can, it will make for a memorable Christmas.

To put the cherry on the cake, Wink Bingo is going the whole hog for Hogmany too and they are giving away the third of the Wink Bingo Minis. This is a Mini Copper to all of you who don't know. Check it now and see how you can get into this game with a chance to win, the thought of not playing, just does not bear thinking about.

Wink Bingo
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