Banjo Bingo is already gearing up for New Year

By Asin Agrawal - October 16 2015

Banjo Bingo is certainly jumping the gun with their latest offer. Halloween hasn’t even come to pass, yet alone Thanksgiving, or Christmas, and the online bingo site is already advertising their New Year’s Eve spectacular.

Midnight Madness

Banjo Bingo aren’t hosting their £2,016 Midnight Madness bingo game until New Year’s Eve (December 31) at 23.59pm GMT, so you’ve plenty of time to decide whether or not you wish to be a part of this promotional bingo game. However since they’ve advertised it, we might as well take a look at it now.

midnight madness

Welcome in the New Year

The game is designed to welcome in 2016, and in so doing offer you a top bingo jackpot worth £2,016. That’s rather fitting, don’t you think? Players don’t even have to be online to buy tickets for this bingo game. They can still win even if they are out on the town, celebrating the beginning of the New Year, or the end of this one. Tickets are already being sold at Banjo Bingo, and you can pre-buy yours today, simply by clicking on the promotion and snapping them up.

Sleigh Away

For players hoping for something a little more timely, Banjo Bingo is also running a Christmas themed promotion. The £30K Sleigh Away is that offer. With a guaranteed jackpot worth £30,000, including a guaranteed £1,000 top prize per game, December is going to be a magical month.

sleigh away

Low Cost Tickets

There will be a total of 30 daily games in this offer, with those games taking place at 20:00pm each day. Tickets will cost a pound a pop, although if you pre-buy your tickets (via the Santa’s Multi-Pass option), you can have 30 tickets for 30 games for the low cost of only a fiver.

Join Now

It’s already Christmas and New Year over at Banjo Bingo, and we’ll bet that’s music to your ears.

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