Bargain hunters head to Tea and Bingo

By Asin Agrawal - November 9 2010

Great value for money is something that is close to most of our hearts these days and Tea and Bingo gets the message too. So listen up, there are some great value games when you play at this site, and make sure you do this on a Monday. The weekly penny bingo games take place on this day when cheap as chips games can chase away any amount of Monday blues.

Penny games take place throughout the entire day and with guaranteed prizes too; you are bound to find a game or two you might like to play. The best game to play of them all, must be the treat in the Frog and Crown and you find this at 7pm. There is £100 up for grabs in a prize pool and it is also priced at 1p per ticket. The one and two line winners each bag £10 and the winner takes the mahoosive lion's share of £80.

Sticking with the cheap as chips theme, Tea and Bingo Tuesdays also isn’t half bad, check out the Fair and Square games, where every player gets the same amount of tickets. This is either 6 or 12 depending on the rules of the game, so everyone has the same chance of winning.

There are different games to play daily and Wednesday is the day for BIG Weekly Prize Bingo, then Thursdays are Big Money Thursdays; these guaranteed prize pots range from £250 to £500. Tea and Bingo gives away triple team points on a Friday and Saturday is BOGOF day. There are quizzes, free tea leaf readings, theme nights, linx games, free bingo and lots of tea related news at this site, as well as fabulous games like the Clover Rollover – this PJP has £3.6 million in the pot!!

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