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By Matt Kennedy - February 1 2012

Ever wanted to be the star of your very own bingo show? Introducing Bingo Hollywood. And, it's so easy to join this elite club. All you need to do is PLAY BINGO! How easy is that? Everyday, a new player is chosen to be Super Star of the day, and they reward you big time. You get 25,000 Star Points, and any time you bingo in a funded room, any other players present will get 1000 points. You really will be the most popular person at Bingo Hollywood. Make sure you are in chat at 8 PM each evening to see if you have been awarded this prestigious position.

Bingo Hollywood love to reward winners, and they also love to listen to their players. Players have asked for something called the Hat Trick Bonus which means if you bingo three times in a row in a funded room, you will get 5000 points immediately credited to your account by the chat moderator.  You can convert your points to play bingo games for free so this is something you will definitely want to do.

Glitzy enough for you? Would you like even more fame and fortune? Then make sure you play Superstar prize hour twice a day. It comes along between 1 PM and 2 PM and 8 PM and 9 PM. There's a £50 prize in the early session, and a £100 prize in the evening session. So, join Bingo Hollywood today and play bingo the superstar way.

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